Blue Lake Capital’s SaaS Companies Rank Among EqualOcean 2022 Top 50 China SaaS Companies

November 29, 2022

In the recent 2022 ESG (EqualOcean Summit for Globalization), EqualOcean released the list of 2022 top 50 China SaaS companies based on yearly industry and investment research, high-level interviews, published rankings and reports, key business indicators and expert scores.

The list includes as many as eight companies in Blue Lake Capital’s SaaS portfolio, namely Leyan Technologies, Moka, Cloud Helios, Lingxing Technology, Zhenyun Technology, Jushuitan, Zaihui and Thinking Data (not in an order of priority). They cover a wide range of business areas such as marketing, HR & HCM, ERP, fintech & tax and vertical industry integration, testifying Blue Lake Capital’s comprehensive and in-depth deployments in the SaaS sector.

After more than two decades of development, the global SaaS industry is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of US dollars, with huge potential in its business models of low-cost subscription with fast iteration.

China’s SaaS industry is in rapid development where new market opportunities arise from constant innovation in products and business models and fast-changing competitive landscape and use cases. In particular, the pandemic has added tremendous momentum to digitalization that would otherwise take 30-50 years to achieve.

As a venture capital firm driven by both industry research and business experience, Blue Lake Capital focuses on business value amid opportunities and challenges in the current market to work with excellent SaaS start-ups as an investor, entrepreneur and operator all at the same time.

We expect to see more SaaS companies in Blue Lake Capital’s portfolio become unicorns or hidden champions in the industry, which will bear witness to epic opportunities brought by China’s digitized innovations and upgrades.

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