After-sales Service Platform Ruiyun Bags Tens of Mns of USD in A and A+ rounds of Funding

September 22, 2022

Chinese after-sales service platform Ruiyun Service Cloud completed tens of millions of USD A and A+ rounds of funding. In particular, the Series A round was led by Chuxin Capital and followed by Blue Lake Capital, while the Series A+ round was exclusively invested by Matrix Partners.

The money will be used for technology R&D, marketing promotion and operations.

Ruiyun Service Cloud is a SaaS application for after-sales service and field service management. It is dedicated to helping companies achieve digital transformation of services by connecting customers, businesses and devices, improving service efficiency and enhancing the commercial value of services.

With the advent of the customer experience era, companies are paying more and more attention to after-sales service, which is why after-sales service SaaS has been growing rapidly in recent years.

On the one hand, quality after-sales service is important for customer retention and increasing repurchase. On the other hand, as the traffic bonus disappears, enterprises are gradually changing from focusing on front-end marketing and sales to customer operations. After-sales service is a vital part of connecting with customers and improving customer experience, which also brings new development opportunities for after-sales service SaaS.

Ruiyun Service Cloud has now served more than 1,000 customers, including Bosch, Siemens, Philips, and other companies. Its business covers construction machinery, home appliances, medical equipment, smart manufacturing, new energy, smart hardware and other fields.

In May 2021, Ruiyun Service Cloud’s tens of millions of CNY Pre-A round of funding was led exclusively by Blue Lake Capital. Zhang Yifan, Investment Director of Blue Lake Capital, said that digital industry innovation has been a major development theme in China in recent years and is also the focus of Blue Lake’s investment perspective. Blue Lake also hopes that through the continued empowerment of Ruiyun Service Cloud to help China’s industrial digital upgrading.

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