ThinkingData Raised 376 million Yuan in a Series C Round, with More Stakes from Blue Lake Capital

November 15, 2021

On November 15, 2021, ThinkingData announced the completion of its Series C round, raising 376 million yuan primarily from Sequoia, followed by Blue Lake Capital and GSR Capital. Early this year in March, ThinkingData raised 100 million yuan in Series B, led by Blue Lake Capital.

ThinkingData is a leading big data analytics service provider in China. It was founded in July 2015, at a former factory turned incubator at 1058 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai. The core product of ThinkingData, Thinking Analytics, is an integrated solution that has everything covered from data acquisition, to storage and modeling, real time calculation,  and analysis and presentation.

Five years on, ThinkingData has signed on over 500 gaming companies, including Funplus, Cheetah Mobile, CMGE, Hero, Habby, Papergames, Leiting, Dianhun, Xmfunny, Hortor Games,, Chillyroom, and Boke. Over 3000 games use ThinkingData’s services, including wildly popular games such as Archer Legend, The Marvelous Snail, Rolling Pictures of Jiangnan Landscape, Ulala: Idle Advanture, Shining Nikki, Swords of Legends, Idioms Challenge, Light of Thel, and Figure Story.

Since its inception, ThinkingData has been on a solid growth trajectory and has assumed a leading position in big data analytics in the gaming industry. It is the first company that addresses the specific needs of games that look to expand overseas. The capital raised in this round will fund new product R&D, service upgrades, overseas expansion, team building, and a brand new data infrastructure for games around the world. 

Starting from 2022, ThinkingData will officially launch its global initiative. In an effort to help Chinese gaming companies navigate the challenges and complexities that come with going global. ThingkingData’s TA system will offer brand new and refined features just for those games. In addition, ThinkingData will put together its own team outside of China, using our analytics experience in China to serve gaming companies overseas. 

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