Lingxing ERP Raised 200 million Yuan in a Series B Round with Additional Funding from its Existing Shareholder Blue Lake Capital

May 28, 2021

Lingxing ERP,a cross-border e-commerce SaaS provider, announced on May 28th the completion of its Series B funding round of 200 million yuan. This round was led by Tiger Fund, co-invested by Source Code Capital and Eastern Bell Capital, and additionally funded by existing shareholders in Hillhouse Capital, Shunwei Capital, and Blue Lake Capital. Following Blue Lake Capital’s initial investment six months ago, Lingxing ERP has raised almost 300 million yuan in total making it the most valuable tech firm in the field of cross-border SaaS solutions.

Founded in 2017, Lingxing ERP is dedicated to developing one-stop ERP systems for cross-border e-commerce businesses on Amazon. To make it easy for cross-border sellers to do business, offering modules such as sourcing, warehousing, logistics, advertising, customer service, finance, and accounting. After four years of iteration, Lingxing ERP stands out with better functionality and more accurate and secure information than its competitors, and t now enjoys an industry-leading reputation, clientele, and renewal rate. Lingxing is serving tens of thousands of sellers, big and small, that strive to operate with granular visibility and analytics. Many of them are big-name or listed companies that have long-term, close collaboration with Lingxing ERP.

Lingxing leverages its superior product development capability to bring best-in-class solutions to its products and thus enabling sellers to make informed decisions and achieve refined management. As a front runner for cross-border e-commerce ERP solutions, Lingxing ERP carries eight modules – operational analysis, profit accounting, advertising management, FBA management, smart inventory replenishment, supply chain coordination, customer relationship management, and efficient operation toolkit, all in one single, integrated platform. Such a professional one-stop management system closes the operation and management loop for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

Thanks to its superior technology architecture, Lingxing ERP is leading the way in data acquisition, processing, and protection. Lingxing meets the difficult task of serving cross-border sellers by accurately navigating the complex business environment of international e-commerce, interface with multiple global e-commerce platforms. For Lingxing, real-time, accurate,  secure, and responsive data is key. Lingxing ERP’s proprietary job scheduling framework can run hundreds of millions of tasks. This reduces latency to the minimum and allows for responses in seconds. The system also performs proper cost allocation and accurate profit accounting with sufficient granularity to meet public company reporting obligations. It is a system that enterprises can count on to make efficient and accurate decisions. As clients take their brands overseas, they can feel rest assured that their data is secured at all times by Lingxing’s rigorous data security controls and technology system.

Lingxing ERP is committed to providing the ultimate experience with user-friendliness in mind. Products are upgraded on a biweekly basis and optimized constantly. Compared with traditional ERP software that is difficult to learn and work with, Lingxing’s ERP dramatically shortens the learning curve for enterprises. Its dedication to the client’s success is expressed in the professional products and services that it delivers to every user. That is how Lingxing established its reputation and got new clients through word of mouth.

Fu Bo, CEO of Lingxing, said, “The future of cross-border e-commerce is very bright. SaaS ERP as an indispensable infrastructure is also presented as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow and flourish. We believe that over the long run, there will be more Chinese brands and Chinese SaaS software going global. Our mission is to serve these brands by offering intuitive and easy-to-use SaaS products. Product, technology, and service are core competencies of SaaS ERPs. Lingxing will continue to improve its products and services in order to drive efficiency. Even in a rapidly expanding market, we will stay grounded so we can grow at a sustainable pace.”

Chen Haohui, the partner of Blue Lake Capital, recalled his early impression of Lingxing last year. In a client visit, Chen Haohui saw with his own eyes just how easy it was to sell a product that addresses client pain points with impeccable user experience. It was evident in Lingxing’s robust indicators – customer retention, revenue renewal rate, LTV/CAC, etc. that Lingxing has a lot of potentials to succeed in the SaaS ERP market. It is for all these reasons that Blue Lake Capital has decided to provide additional funding in this round.

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