Tanma SCRM, a Leading WeCom SCRM Provider, Completed its Series A Funding Round with Continuous Funding from Blue Lake Capital

May 25, 2021

Tanma SCRM, a leading WeCom (FKA WeChat Work) SCRM provider, announced on May 25th the completion of its Series A funding round, raising 10 million USD from Blue Lake Capital, Legend Capital, and K2 Venture Capital.

Tanma SCRM is a WeCom-based integrated solution that provides sales services to its clients. Tanma’s products include Tanma CRM, marketing toolkit—including community operations, QR code on posters to funnel new customers, red packets, lottery, and distribution—and telemarketing. These services are designed to help clients with CRM, sales process management, WeCom group chat operations, data acquisition, and consolidation across the entire WeChat ecosystem.

Tanma’s footprints have spanned across various sectors, including education and training, finance and insurance services, real estate services, big-ticket purchases, aesthetic medicine, and enterprise services. Tanma’s products have been well received among thousands of corporate clients, including Gaotu Group (NYSE: GOTU), hqwx.com (an in English Universal e-School and one of China’s largest online vocational training platforms) and Taikang Life Insurance (one of China’s largest life insurance companies).

Tanma SCRM has a team just shy of 200 people, over 50% of whom are in R&D. It has a core team of scientists recruited from big-name companies such as Google, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei and top universities in China and abroad. They collectively have vast experience and expertise in massive parallel processing and enterprise services.

WeChat is the most popular social networking app in China. As of Q1 2020, WeChat’s mainland and overseas MAU (monthly active users) had reached over 1.2 billion. Launched in 2016, WeCom is a business communication and office collaboration tool developed by the Tencent WeChat Team. Over the years, WeCom has been iterated to connect and interface with WeChat. It offers functions such as Customer IM, Customer Moments, Mini Programs and WeChat Pay with direct access to 1.2 billion Wechat users. As WeCom helps retain private domain traffic for enterprise customers, SCRM services that operate within WeCom ecosystem also thrive.  

WeCom-based SCRM systems offer extra features beyond the existing functions of WeCom. They are user-centric, helping enterprises to bridge between social networks and achieve closed-loop CRM starting from connection, to management, conversion and retention.

As an official service provider for WeCom, Tanma SCRM drives traffic and customer acquisition via multi-channels and QR codes on posters. Tanma offers Group Chat SOP, Friend Radar, Chat Quality Assurance to help enterprises manage employees and customers. At the same time, it enables users to convert and retain customers with a series of marketing strategies and ongoing follow-ups.

Ray Hu, the Managing Partner of Blue Lake Capital, said, “We have known the (Tanma) team for many years. This allows Blue Lake Capital to witness the growth of an outstanding enterprise services team over a long stretch of time.

“First of all, WeCom has opened up new territories for SaaS. We and the team are bullish on WeCom-based SCRM and CRM. This the cornerstone of the team’s success.

“Second, product capability and customer satisfaction are two key indicators with which Blue Lake Capital evaluates a SaaS company. Tanma has always been product-driven and well-recognized by clients that are top players across industries. The team is unrivaled in terms of product capability and developing solutions for key accounts.

“Third, Tanma’s growth this year has gone beyond our expectations. As a long-time shareholder, we are honored to have the opportunity to increase our investment at this juncture and be there for Tanma in the long run.”

It is for all these reasons that Blue Lake continues to provide additional funding in this round to be used for product innovation, market expansion, and talent sourcing.

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