Meet our new Unicorn Company Leyan Technologies

April 28, 2021

April 25th, Leyan Technologies, an E-commerce AI SaaS, announced the completion of Series D round funding worth of multi-hundred million RMB, co-led by CCI Fund and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industrial Investment Fund with extra funding from existing shareholder Blue Lake Capital. This was the fourth round within a year. Leyan has now joined the ranks of unicorn companies.

In May 2020, Blue Lake Capital led Leyan’s 150million RMB Series C1 round. In September 2020, Sky9 Capital led Series C2 round. In March 2021, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba led Series C3 round. Altogether Leyan raised over 500 million RMB in C rounds.   

Leyan Technologies is a cutting-edge startup focused on commercial application of cognitive intelligence and a leading integrated AI solution provider in China. Led by CEO Libin Shen Ph.D, the company is armed with natural language processing (NPL) & knowledge mapping experts, and a world-leading algorithm and engineering team. Its core product is a chatbot system with personalized auto replies powered by AI technologies such as NLP and deep learning. So far over 40,000 e-commerce enterprises have taken advantage of Leyan’s chatbots to improve customer service efficiency and experience, pivoting Leyan into a leadership position in various verticals. With years of experience and a deep understanding of e-commerce customers, Leyan continues on to explore more user cases and subsequently developed a portfolio of one-stop e-commerce intelligent solutions, such as intelligent marketing, intelligent user management system and intelligent quality inspection system.

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