Business Progress of Blue Lake SaaS Member Companies in the First Quarter of 2022

May 8, 2022

As a new generation research-driven venture capital fund, Blue Lake Capital focuses on technology innovators in China’s digital transformation, with enterprise software as one of our key investment areas.

Blue Lake’s portfolio companies, including Jushuitan SaaS ERP, Leyan Technology, Moka, Momenta, Going Link, Helios, Shopastro, and Thinking Data, provide more efficient solutions for a wide range of industries through innovation in information science and technology.

Launched the First Online Audit Solution in the Industry

With new fiscal and tax policies, such as the 14th Five-year Tax Reform Plan and all-electronic invoices, the fiscal and tax environment for enterprises has changed drastically over the last two years. With unprecedented digital capability, the Taxation Department can supervise enterprises more strictly and more frequently. In addition, to deal with internal and external audit sampling, walk-through tests, and periodic industrial and commercial legal inspections, enterprises have had to spend many workdays sorting and searching files of different legal persons across various departments and even for different periods.

Facing these challenges, Helios came up with the first online audit solution in the industry to help enterprises meet the regulatory requirements of internal and external auditing in a more efficient and compliant manner. This solution can significantly enhance file utilization efficiency, reduce manual file searching and sorting, and address the problem of low audit efficiency.

Using an E-archive query-tracing feature, Helios establishes relationships among various unstructured documents by relying on a flexible configuration of a chain of evidence. According to external auditing and supervision requirements, standard templates are created for corresponding investigations of the Taxation Department and compliance checks, audit sampling, and walk-through tests. It can perform an intelligent search and provide complete sets of archives useful for internal and external audits with a click. It also supports tracing and file searches for different legal persons across various departments, warehouses, and accounting periods. No longer using an offline paper accounting approach, it dramatically improves the efficiency of internal/external audits.

Helios’ E-archives system is helpful for archival storage for enterprises; it also leverages its advantages to make better use of data. It helps enterprises build a more compliant, efficient, intelligent, and shared archive management system for paperless accounting and effectively meets compliance requirements for accounting documents, including electronic invoices. Moreover, it launched two innovative schemes: intelligent matching with categorized storage and online auditing, which significantly reduces time sorting and binding vouchers by more than 90%, and reduces time spent on compliance with internal and external audit requirements by more than 80%. Using comprehensive electronic image borrowing increases the efficiency of archive retrieval by more than 90%.

Jushuitan SaaS ERP
Awarded the title of “Excellent Service Provider” on Jingdong’s Service Market

On March 31, Jingdong released its annual winners’ list of excellent service providers for 2021, with Jushuitan as a winner for its software services.

Covering 17 categories and involving both upstream and downstream portions of the e-commerce industry chain, this reward is considered the highest honor JD’s service market awarded to its service providers. It reflects an affirmation of the comprehensive capabilities of awarded service providers, including their transaction amount, service quality, contract performance ability, merchant satisfaction, and degree of cooperation, and constitutes an important reference point for JD merchants to select service providers.

As a leading SaaS software service provider in China and a quality partner of JD e-commerce merchants, Jushuitan stands out from many other enterprises by virtue of its excellent technologies and services to secure this annual award, which shows the affirmation and recognition of the JD platform and its merchants for their quality service.

Jushuitan’s SaaS ERP system has been provided to more than 300 e-commerce platforms to deliver comprehensive information and digital solutions for businesses. Up to now, Jushuitan has more than 4,000 employees and has set up more than 100 offline service outlets nationwide, covering more than 400 cities and towns. Over 70 million orders are sent through the SaaS ERP system every day, and one out of every 5 or 6 packages in China is sent through Jushuitan.

Leyan Technology
Listed in the 2022 Panoramic Report of AI Manufacturers by Ai Analytics, This AI Tech Firm Helps Brands Continue to Grow

Ai Analytics, well-known digital market research and consulting agency in China, recently released the 2022 Panoramic Report of AI Manufacturers. With outstanding products, quality service, and a good reputation, Leyan Technology was selected as a representative manufacturer of intelligent customer service and marketing. Previously, Leyan Technology was also listed in the 2021 Panoramic Report of AI Manufacturers as a representative for intelligent robotics and intelligent quality inspections. As can be seen, Leyan Technology has been recognized many times for its comprehensive strength.

As an important driver of the digital economy, artificial intelligence improves production efficiency and serves as a catalyst for new products and models, which in turn promotes the reconstruction of the entire industrial chain. It has become an essential engine for social progress and sustained economic prosperity.

Now, facing rapid growth of online business demand and consumers’ demand for high-quality service, brands must combine their products and services with better intelligent marketing operations to stand out from the competition.

By using AI tools, such as intelligent customer service, marketing, and advertising, Leyan Technology provides consumers with complete, high-quality, around-the-clock online services, thereby helping them refine their store operations and decision-making tools to help develop their marketing strategies.

Leyan Technology is a high-tech firm focusing on the industrial application of AI technology. Led by its CEO, Dr. Shen Libin, and other outstanding experts in natural language processing and knowledge graphs, it is an outstanding provider of overall AI solutions in China.

With the mission of “pioneering AI technology to create value for customers,” the company is committed to enabling e-commerce customer service, intelligent education, government and medical consultation, and other public service verticals with advanced cognitive computing technology to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and create more customer value. After many years of involvement in e-commerce, Leyan Technology has built a complete set of AI solutions for e-commerce businesses that cover all links from marketing to services.

Thinking Data
The New TA System Version 3.6 is Released

Thinking Data recently released TA system 3.6, upgrading three aspects of its core functions, adding 10+ functions and 20+ optimized items, and improving its overall analysis capacity, efficiency, and intelligence. The new version supports complex data types and can create SQL statement labels, add field-level permissions, extend time ranges, and upgrade functions for behavior sequences, including more forms of data visualization, better alerts, and daily pushes.

Since its launch in 2018, Thinking Analytics (TA System), an extensive data analysis platform developed by Thinking Data for games, has won unanimous recognition within the industry with its capabilities in data collection, flexible and robust data analysis, and safe, rapid deployment.

As a professional platform for data analysis, the TA system continuously delivers pioneering data awareness and experience and constantly upgrades and iterates products according to customer needs.

Thinking Data always adheres to its “customer first” corporate value and implements it throughout its product development and innovation, always believing that connecting functionality to customers’ needs is the lifeblood of products.

In the future, Thinking Data will continue to focus on the gaming industry and adhere to its corporate mission of “making the value of data accessible at the touch of a finger.” It will continue to improve the depth and ease of TA analysis to create the most professional data analysis products and build a new data infrastructure for global gaming.

The Zhejiang Double Hundred Project for Public E-Commerce Services Recommends Shopastro Services for Brands Going Overseas

According to the Notice of the Zhejiang Department of Commerce on Organizing Public E-Commerce Services (2021, No. 62), which includes important instructions for department leaders, it is necessary to combine online and offline businesses under the new normal of COVID-19. The Zhejiang Provincial E-Commerce Promotion Center has explored more options for e-commerce service providers. It has integrated and sorted many high-quality ones within and outside the province. Offering preferential prices for the Double Hundred Project, the Center has launched a series of activities to help enterprises with public e-commerce services.

“Shopastro Going Overseas” has always responded actively to a new mode of government-enterprise cooperation by helping achieve win-win development of cross-border industries and enabling more high-quality domestic brands to go overseas quickly. Honored to be recommended in the Double Hundred Project, Shopastro will provide better commercial services for Chinese brands and sellers.

To couple with the Double Hundred Project, Shopastro launched the Starry Sea Plan for government-enterprise cooperation and offered a 50% discount for one-stop services for 1,000 high-quality brands to go overseas. The benefits include independent website building, year-round website operation, and overseas advertising. From building the website to marketing transformation and repurchasing, Shopastro can walk brands through its development cycle by meeting their needs at every step.

Shopastro is a one-stop and full-link service provider helping Chinese brands go overseas. Focusing on “building and operating websites, marketing transformation, and repurchasing,” it is dedicated to serving B2B foreign trade factories, domestic brands, cross-border brand sales, and existing DTC brands. Shopastro is committed to solving the pain points of Chinese brand sellers aspiring to go overseas, including independent website building, efficient advertising, accurate customer acquisition, and all-around marketing, and to realize brand value and cash in on internet traffic through focused operation driven by big data and AI technology.

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