Blue Lake Capital Honorably Named One of the “TOP 50 Best Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China 2022” of CVAwards

May 22, 2023

The 2022 CVAwards was announced on 19 May 2023, in which Blue Lake Capital was named as one of the “Top 50 Best Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China 2022”, for its outstanding performance in the full process of capital raising, investment, management and exit in 2022.

CVInfo has published the “CVAwards”, a series of lists of Chinese venture capital firms and private equity investments, as an independent third party organization for 17 consecutive years. Based on data from CVSource standardized by the China Venture Capital Research Institute, recipients of the Awards were selected from more than 1,000 active investment institutions in the private equity sector according to the rankings of overall points. Divided into several categories by strict criteria, the event is known for its professionalism, authority and rigour. It is therefore also known as the wind vane of the domestic equity investment industry and is currently an important funding basis for many large institutional LPs.

The Awards announced included the “Best Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China 2022”, “Best Venture Capital Firms 2022”, “Best Private Equity Firms 2022”, “Best Early Stage Venture Capital Firm 2022”, “Best Limited Partners 2022” and “Best Sectoral Investment Firms 2022”.

Since its inception in 2014, Blue Lake Capital has been focusing on China’s digital transformation and upgrading from a multifaceted perspective of “research + industry”. It has captured industry changes as well as identified and assisted insightful entrepreneurs in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and corporate software, promoting the industry development as an investor, entrepreneur and operator. To date, Blue Lake Capital has been named as one of the “TOP 50 Best Foreign Venture Capital Firms in China” of CVAwards for a total of eight times.

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