Established in 2016, Momenta is a world-leading autonomous driving company which specializes in environment perception based on deep learning, HD semantic mapping, and data-driven path planning that enables full autonomy. Momenta offers autonomous driving solutions on multiple levels as well as big data services.

Momenta is committed to building the “brains” for autonomous vehicles. The company has some of the world’s top experts in image recognition and deep learning, including one of the authors of Faster R-CNN and ResNet, the most influential framework in image recognition, as well as winners of ImageNet 2015 and MS COCO Challenge 2015. Boasting profound technical skills, strong technical innovation and rich industry experience, Momenta’s core team members come from MIT, THU, MSRA, as well as renowned tech companies including Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei and Sense Time, amongst others..

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