Cloud Helio

Cloud Helios is a software for enterprise business travel and expense reimbursement management developed by Shanghai Zhenhui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Since its official launch in 2016, Cloud Helios has served thousands of well-known large and medium-sized domestic and foreign enterprises, including DiDi, Fosun Group, BlueFocus, SANY Group, Valmet, Mary Kay, AXA Tianping, Jinko Solar, Tencent-owned companies, etc., more than 200 of which are the industry leaders. With a total of 5 million reimbursement orders processed and over 10 billion RMB in reimbursement of expenses (as of 2019Q1) and nearly 1 million monthly active users, Cloud Helios leads the domestic reimbursement SaaS products with an absolute advantage. Cloud Helios is committed to providing more users with advanced management concepts to make businesses more efficient and careers better.

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