Established in October 2015, Doumi provides recruiting and employment services for entry-level positions. It is China’s leading one-stop platform that provides efficient recruiting services.

Targeting a broad customer base seeking entry-level positions, Doumi provides a reliable platform for full-time and part-time jobs, and matches job seekers to the right positions more efficiently. This is achieved through product innovation and a greater level of service, which leads to improved customer experience. By the end of 2018, Doumi’s users had exceeded 76 million, making it the leading player in the industry.

For its corporate customers, Doumi’s online recruitment services cover a variety of entry-level positions, which ensures convenience and efficiency. For medium-sized and large enterprises, Doumi also provides flexible one-stop employment services, including RPO recruitment and position outsourcing. By building the largest online pool of entry-level workers, as well as providing a SaaS system for flexible employment management, Doumi provides more effective recruiting services and transparent and efficient management services, often resulting in the reduction of hidden labor costs.  

As of now, Doumi has covered many service industries, such as catering and hotels, retail, IT, logistics and delivery, education and training, and events. Doumi services over 300 cities, with offices in 27 major cities. 

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