Founded in April 2016, Leyan Technologies (affiliated with Shanghai Leyan Information Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai focusing on the industrial application of cognitive intelligence technology, with an excellent algorithm and engineering team, and is an advanced artificial intelligence total solution provider in China.

Leyan Technologies has been awarded many honorary qualifications such as “The King of Intelligent Semantics for Speech Acts”, “Top 20 AI Companies Influencing the Era”, “AI Industry Innovative Enterprise of the Year”, “AI Industry Quasi-Unicorn”, etc. The company also has ISO certification and dozens of software copyrights and patent certificates. With the mission of creating value for customers with AI technology, the company is committed to empowering advanced cognitive computing technology in various vertical fields of public service such as e-commerce customer service, intelligent education, government consultation and medical consultation to improve industry efficiency, reduce labor costs and explore more customer value.

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