Dongguan YHDA Automation Co. Ltd (“YHDA”), established in December 2010, is a one-stop procurement service provider that supplies automation parts to automated equipment manufacturers. The company is committed to R&D and resource integration, and is the standard setter for the selection and design of automation parts as well as quality control. It has improved the efficiency for its clients in terms of part selection and design by digitizing the end-to-end supply chain, while reducing procurement cost and delivery time and creating a reliable and pleasant journey for its customers.

YHDA has accumulated rich experience in five areas including precision parts assembly,precision parts welding, automated screw tightening, automated production line integration for precision parts as well as robotics system integration. It has provided services to thousands of automated equipment manufacturers, including Foxconn, Siemens, ABB, TCL and Gree Electric, with institutional solutions or integrated solutions for the design, manufacturing and delivery of automated equipment.

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