ThinkingData completes Series C+ financing of CNY 100 million to accelerate the expansion of international business and the upgrade of product strategies

August 31, 2022

Blue Lake Capital-backed ThinkingData has recently completed the Series C+ financing of CNY 100 million from GGV Capital. This is the company’s third funding round over the past one and a half years following its Series B round in March 2021 and Series C round in November 2021, bringing the total amount of financing to nearly CNY 600 million.

Founded in 2015, ThinkingData, a world-leading gaming big data analytics service provider, is committed to creating integrated data operational analytics solutions for the global gaming industry to meet the demand of gaming enterprises for operational analytics covering all categories, scenarios, and life cycles. ThinkingData has been growing with the entire gaming industry since 2015 by tiding over the pandemic, the freeze period of game license approval, the volatile international landscape, and the slowdown in industry growth. Aiming to create value for clients, ThinkingData has been devoting itself into the gaming industry and adhering to its philosophy of “data-driven”, which allow the company to completely solve the pain points and difficulties in data analysis in the game industry by introducing accumulated data analysis techniques and cases to the industry.

With its extensive experience in data processing and analytics service, ThinkingData has established a big data analytics platform that is robust, real-time, effective in database query, and of other essential characteristics. The platform supports multi-ID user identification, multi-time zone management, calculation of exchange rate of multiple countries, custom SQL query, etc. In terms of data analysis, the big data analytics platform of ThinkingData owns ten major models of data analysis which can identify critical behaviors of players and provide cross-interpretation of multi-dimensional macro indicators, in turn helping operational teams dismantle difficult operational problems in an efficient way, so that the big data platform can be more adapted to different business.

In addition, ThinkingData puts a high value on offering its clients professional and perfect services. To provide services that are standardized in procedures and tailored in details, the company has established a powerful Client Success Department to directly negotiate with clients. The procedures of its service include project matchmaking events, program design for data acquisition, system deployment, data access, system training, etc. The Client Success Department will continue to provide services for clients after products are delivered. Around the iteration of products, the department will introduce and demonstrate new versions and new features of products to clients and share best practice cases to make sure that clients can get used to new functions in a short period of time. There will also be a regular client revisit to help clients solve problems and gather their requirements, thus boosting the iterations of products with feedback collected in the revisit.

Looking forward, ThinkingData will be dedicated to building a brand-new data infrastructure for the global gaming industry. It will make great efforts to expand international business to have a presence in overseas countries and regions like Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. The company will make a major strategic upgrade to products. The current version of ThinkingData’s gaming big data analysis platform focuses on gaming analysis while the new product to be released is expected to forge a comprehensive ecosystem with access to gaming data to enable a closed loop that starts from gaming data analysis and ends with gaming intelligent operations.

On March 16, 2021, ThinkingData, an important part of Blue Lake Capital’s SaaS portfolio, secured CNY 100 million in Series B financing led by Blue Lake Capital which made a follow-up investment in the company’s Series C financing in November of the same year.

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